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5 Key Concerns to Ensure Employees Share Files Securely

File sharing and collaboration is one of the fastest ways to improve business productivity. It will ensure that teams are in sync and save them valuable time trying to locate current file versions or latest documents.

However, with today’s increased risk of data breach and cyber attacks, a company’s file sharing strategy also requires a close eye on security. In fact, …

5 Mobile File Sync and Share Tips for CEOs on the Go

For the frequent-traveling CEO, it’s important that business doesn't stop while on the road. But that can be a challenge, especially when working with time critical or sensitive documents. As such, it’s vital to have a file sync and share solution that will make doing business while traveling not only easy and productive,  but secure in all conditions as well.

From …


Ways That Technology Might Be Inhibiting Our Efficiency and Solutions to Maximizing its Benefits

Welcome to the Digital Age. Gone are the days of typewriters, Polaroid cameras and rotary phones. Computers, digital cameras and smart phones have not only replaced their prehistoric counterparts in our ever-advancing technological world, but they are seemingly as much a necessity to one’s survival as food …

5 Benefits of Switching to a Paperless Office

If you’ve been to a thrift store recently, you might have noticed a surplus of briefcases. Lots of people are getting rid of briefcases because they’re relics of a time before laptops, iPads, and smartphones ruled the workplace.

Briefcases made sense in the era when you hauled dozens of papers to work each day, but that era is over. So why …

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