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Coaching Inspiration: How Executive Coaches Can Foster a Community of Bold Thinkers

Society has changed dramatically. Despite this, the majority of organizations still operate the way that they did 30 years ago. Western culture continually reinforces the idea that success comes to the hardest workers. However, if businesses continue to work under this unhealthy model, the end result will be dissatisfied employees, business failures and illness.  So why do so many CEOs still work around the clock?

The challenge is that our society continues to perpetuate the idea that there is strength in singularity instead of recognizing the value of fostering ideas within community. As a result, today’s business leaders are unaware that there is this other alternative. So how can Executive Coaches help their CEO clients recognize and make this shift? It begins with testing their foundation and then branching out into community.

1) Build a Strong Root System

Coaches should not be afraid to guide clients to take a hard look at their foundation. A tree is only as strong as its root system. It’s the same with individuals. If your CEO has a weak foundation; if they are tired, unhealthy and have little personal time, they will not be functioning at an optimal level.

When Executive Coaches take the time to invest in recharging their client, they are able to deliver larger results. I’ve coached a lot of executives, and it was the small changes that made the most impact. This process may begin with simple suggestions; going to bed half an hour earlier, eating more healthfully or planning a fun night out. The key is to encourage a balanced lifestyle, so that the executive comes into the workplace refreshed, and inspired to make changes in their work environment also.

2) Challenge Their Narrative 

High Level Executives are surrounded by people at all levels that will buy into their ongoing narrative. As a coach, you need to be much more than a cheerleader. Take the time to listen to their philosophy and see if it embodies their core values.

Core values are the fingerprint of the soul. When goals are aligned with core values, it leads to an inspiring work environment. Conversely, if your client is not pursing goals that truly inspire them, then they cannot bring the best of who they are to the job. So the question is, Does your client’s narrative work in conjunction with their values?

If the answer is no, call them out on it. Challenge them to change their narrative. Spend the time working together to discover what truly inspires them. Motivation is like a parking meter—it only works as long as you are feeding it. Inspiration is a different mechanism; it feeds you. When core values are aligned with a narrative, work becomes intrinsically inspiring. Successful CEOs can feel bolder and take more risks when their life is guided by inspiration.

3) Form Mastermind Groups Among Your Clients

There is an ideal in Western society of going it alone, of strength in singularity. This mentality is not only unhealthy but also unsustainable for entrepreneurs. It’s not entirely our own fault. It could be argued that this individualistic thinking has been bred into entrepreneurs since birth—or at least, since beginning our careers. We have learned from outdated lessons to covet our ideas, to not share, and that success stems from competition, not collaboration. This is no longer the case. In fact, continuing to work under this old model of thinking is unsustainable.

When coaches create a mastermind group of executives, they not only get to foster the strength of working with a community but create accountability. Now you’ve created a place where your CEO can share their ideas, thoughts, and values with others. It can be a place to brainstorm solutions to a problem or simply share success stories. Bringing a community of executives together will have a dramatic impact on your CEO clients. It will build motivation, develop accountability and foster a community of collective inspiration among each other.  See #LeadershipTribe as a reference.

Organizations and enterprise play an essential role in society, and today’s CEOs are at the helm.  They must be bold and take on leadership in order to create a progressive and sustainable model of enterprise.  And for the Executive Coach, it takes a similar type of bold leadership to foster this community of intrepid thinkers and future leaders. By establishing a shift in practices, squashing old beliefs and tapping into a likeminded network, you will provide the foundation for them to live a balanced life on which to build solid communities, both within the workplace and beyond.

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