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How to Keep Your Employees Motivated During the Holidays

Everybody loves the holidays. From Thanksgiving Day to the start of New Year, there always seems to be an extra amount of joy and liveliness in the air.  But when this exciting atmosphere hits the workplace – it becomes one of the hardest times to keep staff motivated, engaged and focused on their tasks and deadlines.  While happiness and joy …

Employee Recognition: What NOT To Do

If done well, employee recognition is a powerful tool that can help engage, retain and motivate any company workforce. No matter the size of your staff, whether it’s 5 or 50,000 employees, when managers show their people meaningful appreciation, it will positively influence their loyalty, attitude and even improve customer service skills. But just as proper recognition has the power …

Six successful ways to give positive feedback

When it comes to keeping employees motivated -- providing positive reinforcement really does work. Pausing to acknowledge a “job well done” or a specific action can energize employees and reinforce positive performance. And, although this might seem obvious and easy, it isn't. Saying “Great job!” or a simple “You rock!” won't be enough to influence an employee's attitude, morale, and …

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