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Take Time to Get Fresh Perspective

Have you noticed that effective leaders see things from a different perspective than most other people do? While the people around them stay stuck in day-to-day problems, leaders see the “big picture” and find solutions that bring about lasting improvements.

How do great leaders do that? One way is that they take time to get fresh perspectives on the challenges they …

The unique challenges and opportunities that exist in a “Family Business.”  Tonya, one of your areas of expertise is coaching people through the unique challenges and opportunities that exist in a “Family Business.”  What are some of the key issues you typically see here and are there any ‘best practices’ you’d recommend?

Coach Tonya Page: The dynamics of a family business are significantly different than in a general corporation. Most people …

Why Generational Management is the Next Big Thing in Leadership

“One of the most important developments of the global leadership scene is the rise of Millennials, who will now obtain more leadership positions with high level responsibilities.” Aon Hewitt

Estimates predict infamously independent millennials will comprise 75% of the workforce by 2030. Compare that to 2014’s percentage of only 36% and you’ll see a major shift happening in …

Coaching Inspiration: How Executive Coaches Can Foster a Community of Bold Thinkers

Society has changed dramatically. Despite this, the majority of organizations still operate the way that they did 30 years ago. Western culture continually reinforces the idea that success comes to the hardest workers. However, if businesses continue to work under this unhealthy model, the end result will be dissatisfied employees, business failures and illness.  So why do so many CEOs …