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How to Find Your ‘Why’ and Commit Before You Quit

We’ve all felt stuck, needed a change, and maybe even probed for a new source of energy without any avail? If this strikes a chord, it’s time to commit to a new direction.

The challenge is that commitment isn’t something you wake up with; it’s something you choose. It seems that before we commit to something, we tend to justify why we can’t commit 100 percent. We use lack of time, lack of money, responsibilities, etc. as crutches for our doubt. How can we ever fully commit if before we even start we have already given ourselves several ways out?

If you’re feeling stuck, fearful, or not knowing which direction to go, explore the below tips and accounts of how Amy, Lisa, Maria, (and soon, you!) tackled their hindrances head-on to get committed and take control of their growth:

  1. Get connected: Much of what you can accomplish is in who you know. Have you shared your goals and dreams with others?

Amy, 45, was at a crossroads. Due to the economy, her business had to close and she needed to re-create herself. She knew she loved fashion and interior design but the thought of opening a new business was just not working for her. She began talking to others in her world and people she had worked with in the past. Soon, people were starting to share names of companies and ideas for job openings with her. Now she has embarked on a new and exciting path and looks forward to her days. This new career journey would never have happened if she didn’t have the confidence to reach out with those around her.

Lists. Make a list of people who believe in you and can connect you to people in their network. You ever know who they may know, what doors they can open, and how your relationships can snowball. Don’t hold back in fear of being bothersome – they’ll appreciate the determination! Once you get your contacts on paper, organizational progress is inevitable.

  1. Get moving: Knowledge is power but it will do you no good without action.

Lisa, 51, needed to lose weight. She had tried many things in the past but nothing would work. She would get bored, feel deprived, and give up. After a visit with her doctor, she knew it was time to make a serious change, but the idea of starting was overwhelming.  So she started small and she got moving ….  First it was just a light evening walk around the neighborhood, they she would take classes at the rec center.  Today, she dances and does kick boxing 6 days a week and has lost over 50 pounds.

Move. Any chance you get. Whether personal or professional, it can be scary and overwhelming to begin something completely new. The start only takes one step – you must move. Take a class, make a phone call, or go to a networking event. Just take action. Action brings results.

  1. Believe in Yourself: We all have fears of failure and making mistakes. You have to know you are worthy of the change.  Until you believe in yourself, it will be hard for others to follow suit.

Maria, 38, was starting a new career in sales. She was nervous and didn’t feel she had anything to offer her clients. For months she hit the pavement made the calls and went through the motions – success came but was slow and un-impactful.  After attending a seminar called ninja selling, she changed her mindset.  She came to realize that she was acting like a victim and not a player. She was showing up already defeated and that is what she created. Once she changed her mind set and believed she could be worthy of success, the flood gates opened.  Now she is a successful real estate agent continually recognized for achievement in her market.

Reprogram. To change your mindset, you must reprogram your mind. Start with daily affirmations and gratuities. Reset the approach you take regarding what’s “impossible”. Create a vision board and visualize yourself being the success and person you know is inside. Once you believe that your ambitions are feasible, success will come naturally and the opportunities will be endless.

  1. Get a “Magic Wand”: If you could hand craft your wildest dreams, what would they include?

When you were young you would watch cartoons with the fairy godmother that would grant you your wildest wishes with her magic wand.  Think back on your wildest dreams- what would they include? What would your perfect job be? Where would you be living? How would you spend your days?

Visualize it. Let your dreams be open. Write it down, talk about your plans, put together a Pinterest board if that’s your thing! Once you can picture and imagine your dream world, you can now work on making it happen. Every great success story begins with a vision.

We all stumble and make mistakes, but let’s not settle for just giving part of ourselves. Give it all! You are worth more! Why are you waiting for your happiness, your success, and your dreams? Start today and give today all you’ve got. What is your why, and is it strong enough to push you to give 100 percent every day?

Remember, someday isn’t a day of the week. Make today count!

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About Clara Capano

Clara Capano is a business consultant, leadership expert and author of Find Your Focus: 52 Weeks of Clara-ty