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Selling yourself: Interview tips for sales reps

As the president of an appointment setting and lead generation company, I interview a lot of sales reps. I’m looking for people who understand the sales process and can produce results. In other words, people who not only can talk about what’s important in sales, but who can “walk the talk.”

So, I’m always surprised at how few job seekers use …

Paint Like Me – The Art of Sales

What do Pablo Picasso, Leonardo Di Vinci and Vincent van Gogh all have in common? They each had a unique perspective, point-of-view and talent. Instead of trying to be like their peers, they worked with their own talents and stood out.


Likewise, most people don’t succeed when trying to replicate what makes someone else unique. It’s surprising then that this top-down, "paint like …

When should my appointment setting program begin to pay back?

In May 2010, I sat across from a client and we were having a tough conversation. We had been running a lead generation and appointment setting program for a year. While some early deals were starting to bubble up, the program hadn't yet paid back against the investment. The board was putting pressure on our client, the director of marketing.

This is a common …

Getting out of your bubble: Why it’s important to learn from those outside your industry

It’s natural to want to be around people who share the same interests and backgrounds as yourself. As kids, we often become best friends with someone who lives in our neighborhood, or someone we meet playing sports or learning to dance.

The same often is true in business. Executives tend to associate with other executives in the same industry. After all, …

Are you happy? and other important questions to ask your team

I recently had breakfast with an important member of my management team. A young, sharp leader, this manager possesses an eagerness to learn that is nearly unmatched in my company. I learned early on that without new learning opportunities she loses motivation, so I’ve taken time to mentor her and have given her many opportunities to learn new skills.

Over coffee, …

Lessons from an entrepreneur: Start before you are ready

I attended an entrepreneurship summit recently, where I was asked to help select and distribute an interesting award. Attendees were asked to write down something inspiring they learned at the summit and the best entry would win.

The majority of attendees entered the same mantra from an earlier speaker: Start before you’re ready. However, only one attendee went the extra mile …

In lead generation, cadence is paramount

When developing a lead generation program, sales managers and business owners often spend a lot of time crafting the perfect message and call script. They will analyze every word and debate nuances with the goal of making the greatest impact on prospects.

The calling cadence is perhaps even more important because of its ability to pinpoint what’s working in a calling …

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