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Back to Basics: The Difference Between an LLC and Corporation

Filing your business as a legal entity with the state is a huge step for new small business owners. Both Corporation and LLC owners have the opportunity for limited liability protection, saving on taxes, and letting their customers know that they’re giving their business to a legitimate, professional entity of the state. But there are a few key differences between …

What You Need to Know About Different Types of Business Licenses

For most companies, getting a business license is a mere formality, albeit one that requires sending a check to the state and city. Because of this, I’m often asked whether or not a new business actually needs a license to operate – and the answer is that yes it does! Licensing gives your state and city a good idea of …

What is an Internet Acceptable Use Policy?

Not too long ago, business communication consisted of faxes, telephone calls and memos typed on corporate letterhead. There were years of established tradition that governed the acceptable duties and obligations of an employee during this era.

As electronic communication became more prevalent, business communication advanced significantly and the old tried and true methods were replaced with emails, video conferencing and sharing …

Why I Launched a Registered Agent Site

Registered Agent

Back in May 2013, MyCorporation launched, which was a website and project that was focused on an area of business very close to my heart. When I would talk to business owners trying to get their LLC or Corporation back in good standing with the state, oftentimes they blamed …

Why a Prenup? Why not?

Business owners who invest time and resources in their enterprise, and who are planning a marriage (or remarriage) should look at getting a thorough, well drafted, negotiated prenuptial agreement (or, “prenup”).

Although it’s not the most romantic topic to speak to your fiancé about in the months leading up to the big event, prenups can save future headaches and …


The recent news is full of information and updates about healthcare, but is lacking in specifics about the requirements businesses must meet under the new laws. Here are some specific details about changes in healthcare employers should know in the New Year:

1. In 2013, the Medicare Insurance Tax will increase from 2.9 percent to 3.8 percent on employees compensated more …