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5 Steps Managers Should Take to Make Work Less Stressful for Employees

Help employees map their goals. Too often, employees will view their personal career objectives completely separate from their current goals at work. Yet much of what your employees do on a regular basis supports long-term career trajectory and builds valuable skillsets. Employees feel stressed when they are working hard at their job because they don’t feel like it’s doing much …

How to Successfully Get Away from the Office During the Summer

When you own a business, time off can bring more stress than relaxation. Who will check your emails and answer the phones? Will your team be okay without you? What if you completely disconnect and someone needs to reach you? The list goes on and on. While tearing away from the office may be difficult, a 365-day work year isn’t …

How to Stay Productive When there are Too Many Meetings

Let’s face it, meetings are a necessary evil. It’s that part of business that actually incites forward motion and gets things really going, but when there are too many meetings, your productivity can (surprise!) come to a complete standstill. As industries evolve and corporations grow and diversify, meetings have a tendency to grow with them—both in frequency and scope.

So how …

How These Tech Giants Became Instantly More Productive

Above all else, the effects that come from new technological advances and living in the internet age is empowerment: the ability to consolidate processes, do more of the things that matter, and have more control over your time. The reality of that however can sometimes differ. Instead, people have found themselves arrested to the very devices that were supposed to …

Best Project Management Apps to Save You Time

Benjamin Franklin famously said: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Few things so depend on proper planning as project management. Regardless of whether you’re running a large company or simply trying to organize your personal tasks, a good project management application can make all the difference between success and failure. Let’s take a look at some …

3 Ways to Keep Holiday Cheer In the Office All Year

The time of year following the holidays is ideal for reinvigoration, new beginnings and continued joy. After the most spirited time of the year, there can often be a bit of a slump in cheeriness levels, since the holidays are such happy seasons.

Fortunately, there are ways to keep cheer around your business all year. You have the power to do …

4 ideas to transform how you see productivity

"Productivity" has become quite the business buzzword. Maybe just reading it makes you picture all of the blog posts you've seen, touting tricks to clear your inbox faster or recommending the latest, snazzy to-do list apps to install on your phone or tablet.

Sure, those things are fun, but there’s a deeper meaning to productivity, too. And unless you’re taking this …

4 Reasons Your Business Should Embrace Automated Marketing

The Internet and social media have revolutionized the way we create and market products and services. Yet, even with dozens of tools at our fingertips, many companies assume it’s too complicated or too technical for them to automate their marketing.

There’s so much to gain from using smart online marketing tools — even if your company isn’t technical. Marketing software allows …

How to Organize Your Workspace

They say a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind. There are many things to consider when examining ways to improve your productivity; whether you are talking about software tools to help you manage your workflow or implementing policies across your company aimed at optimizing the productivity of your workforce the ultimate goal of getting the most you …