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What business tool(s) do you find yourself working with the most? How does it improve your productivity day in and day out?

Having the right tool for the right job can make or break the success of a project. But the choice of tools can be overwhelming at times and cause hesitation in selecting one to put into use. So we’ve asked a group of entrepreneurs, executives, and coaches what tool or tools they use on the daily and consider their go to resource.

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One of my go-to sources is the System for Award Management (SAM)
President of Government Business Solutions and American Express Advisor on Government Contracting

As a government contractor I am always looking for business tools that will connect me with procurement officials and new contracting opportunities. One of my go-to sources is the System for Award Management (SAM), the Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) database the government uses to find qualified small business contractors, and where larger contract-holders, or “primes,” seek qualified subcontracting partners. Using SAM has streamlined the contracting process, making business with the government more efficient and allowing me more time to invest in other areas of my company. I also rely on LinkedIn to help me explore new business prospects and network with others in my community. Resources like SAM and LinkedIn help relieve some of the pressure that comes with finding new opportunities and opens up time for me to focus on other business units.