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So You Want to Write a Business Book? Six Tips for Success

There is evidently one thing that virtually all business people have in common – the desire to write a book about their particular area of expertise.  When I was writing my book and would mention it, I almost always got these two comments, and in this order.  About what?  A reasonable question because most people knew that while my main …

3 Reasons Your Sales Suck And How You Can Fix Them

We have all struggled with our sales process at some point…c’mon, we can admit it, we are all friends here. So it isn’t the struggles that I am going to tackle here, but the root causes that are often hiding in plain site and how you can overcome them to get your sales team and your personal sales back on …

The Only Two Reasons Salespeople Fail. And What To Do About It.

This may sound simplistic, but there are really only two reasons why salespeople aren’t successful:

1. They don’t do enough of the right activities to get enough opportunities
2. When they perform sales activities they aren’t very good at them

You may say “So what?” But it is critical that the sales manager know which situation is the cause of the problem, because …

3 Tips to Get Your Selling Confidence Back on Track

Being in the Business World (at least most of the time) means selling. Marketing a product or service, wooing potential clients, and exceeding personal or company sales goals comprise the everyday life of millions of business folks. The exchange of money for goods and services makes the world go ‘round. Unless, that is, you’re uncomfortable with the whole notion of …

Selling is Synonymous with Success

“I do not have the personality type to be a great salesperson.”   I may be the first one to tell you this, but personally believing in that statement can be a major hindrance to your personal and business progression. Out of every ten salespeople that you meet, two usually have the personality of a great salesperson. The ones that we …

3 things your sales people should be doing that will help you get paid

Anyone who has worked in credit and debt collections for any time knows about the troubled relationship between sales and the credit department. When sales people get paid a commission, they want to make the biggest sale, when they get paid after the customer pays, they pay a little more attention and probably already do these three things!

The first thing …

Take 7 steps to stop procrastination

We have a client to call or a sale to make, yet we don’t do it. We have a deadline coming up and yet we can’t seem to close? What is keeping us back? Why are we reluctant, unable to complete? What do we need to close?

We have tried the things that professionals advise. We have made plans, said the …

It’s about the process

about the process

Ryan, a software sales rep, had been having a rough day. He’d been bombarded with questions from several customers and gotten behind on work he needed to finish before the end of the day.

Then, he got a call from Wayne, a prospect who introduced himself by saying: “I’ve heard …

One Day at a Time

Well I did it. I did the “It’s the first of the year and I have put weight loss on my resolution list” thing. Actually I don’t make resolutions but I did set a goal to get healthy. I have committed to eating properly, exercising and stop using the excuse of my travel schedule.

That being said, on a …

Tuning in to Channel Partners’ WIIFM

It’s a cardinal rule of sales and marketing to make sure your audience, customers, prospects, and those who may become prospects know WIIFM – “What’s In It For Me.” And it’s the same for channel partners: if they aren’t crystal clear about exactly what they get out of selling your product, they won’t bother. Keep in mind that …